About this site


I'm a caver and a member of the Morley Potholing Club and this website is a pet project of mine. My day job is in the IT sector but doesn't involve website coding, however I suppose I should class web coding as a hobby. Combining my two hobbies wasn't too big a step.

I've been tinkering with the format of the site for a little while. For now, this first incarnation is to provide an easily searchable list of caves with reference to 3rd party websites with more details

I hope you find it useful.


Hows does this site work?


Websites don't run on air - this is what the site runs on

Website code

The server-side code is written in PHP and makes use of the following frameworks/libraries:-

As many libraries as possible are delivered by Content Delivery Networks to minimize the traffic load on TheCaveDB webserver. The use of SRI (Subresource Integrity) ensures that the files coming from the CDNs are delivered to your web browser without unexpected manipulation


The site makes use of cave information/data from and/or derived from the following sources:-


If you wish, I can be contacted via:-

[email protected]